Formalities of radiotherapy

Organizational matters

Before radiotherapy can take place, there are, of course, some formalities to be dealt with: cost reimbursements, appointment schedule, travel. We will be happy to help and advise you here to make sure that the treatments can be integrated as far as possible in your everyday routine.


Assumption of costs:

The statutory health insurance providers generally assume the costs for radiotherapy. Special forms of radiotherapy such as hyperthermia therapy or brachytherapy may be subject to a special application. If this is refused, you have to bear the costs yourself. Private patients and self-payers receive an invoice that can be presented to the insurance company or benefits agency. On request we will be happy to draw up an estimate.


4-6 weeks, 5x per week (daily, Monday to Friday)
A total of ca. 20-30 minutes per session, thereof 5-10 minutes in the radiation room

Depending on your radiotherapy plan, the treatment can also take place on a single day, twice daily or over eight weeks.

Appointment schedule:

Patients who are working receive appointments which are coordinated as far as possible with their working times. Please try to keep all appointments. If you miss a radiotherapy session, it can be repeated at a later date. If the therapy time clashes with a planned holiday, we can give you the necessary certificates to present to the holiday cancellation insurance.

The initial talk generally takes 1 hour or longer if necessary. You can find a list of the necessary documents at Check list initial talk.


You can reach our practices by public transport. You will find the respective map and directions under Practices. There are parking facilities on the grounds of the respective clinic in direct proximity to our practices in Bad Godesberg, Bonn, Troisdorf and Euskirchen. All of the practices are on the ground floor and are wheelchair accessible. If you have no reasonable possibility of driving yourself to the treatment, the statutory health insurance providers will assume part of the costs for a taxi. Persons with private health insurance must pay for the taxi up front and then make an application for reimbursement of costs to their health insurance company after the treatment is finished. We recommend that you ask your health insurance provider in advance.


Our staff will be glad to help you with all formalities in the application.